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We are professional German Shepherd Breeders with over 20 years of experience. Our family-owned breeding kennel is located in Fort Worth, TX, where we have grass fields, trees, and open space where our dogs can enjoy plenty of fresh air, run free, and be around nature. We also socialize our puppies with other dogs, people, and children around, creating an environment for any situation. 

Our goal is to breed the best German Shepherds and improve this breed's quality and standards. We have imported one of the best European working bloodlines from Hungary, The Czech Republic, Germany, and the Republic of Slovakia. Each of our breeding dogs has a link that shows their pedigree, and we also have verified documentation such as a pet passport, pink pedigree, and all medical records on hand that show their country of origin. Additionally, all our dogs are tested with X-rays on hips and elbows and are DM clear to ensure the best breeding. 

At Von Der Alsarafa, we always focus on quality over quantity, and we strive to breed an excellent working line of German Shepherds of the highest quality. All our puppies have correct conformation, strong bone, big mask, excellent temperaments, are intelligent, and quick to learn. Our puppies are also suitable family companions, service dogs, protection dogs, and are ideal for sport and breeding programs. 

The puppies that sell are up to date on all current vaccines, deworming, tick, and flea prevention treatments. Additionally, the dog's microchip is available at the owner's request.

We welcome puppy visitors by appointment only. Please contact us for more information. 

To view our current German shepherd dogs that are for sale please click here.

We also offer Military and Government Discounts. All military, law enforcement, and any government agency get 15% OFF the regular price.

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